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Orc Artist Wanted!


The Editors of "Orc Magazine" ( ) need all of you Orcs (and Orc fans) out there to send us your Orc-related art work!!!!

We need BOTH good and bad art! You heard me - we want "bad" art as well as "good" art! And not just drawings - we are interested in any original artwork that is Orc or RPG related! Stories, poems, music, photos, movies, animation, 3D graphics or anything else!!!!!! Even if it is "bad" - send it anyway!

What kinds of Orc art are we looking for? ...In a nutshell we are looking for 100% original artwork "With Orcs and other 'green-skins' in them". Pretty-much any artwork with Orcs will fit into one of our seven magazines. For example: If you send us an illustration of an Orc shooting a bazooka at a dwarf - we might put it in the "Orc War Journal" or in "Popular Orc Mechanics". If you send us an illustration of Goblins cooking a 3-headed pig over a fire - we might put it in "Orc Food Digest". If you send us an illustration of nude Orcs - we most likely will put it in "Play Orc". Even If you send us something really odd, like an illustration of Orcs looking at a WWII German tank stuck in a tree, we can still use it in the "National Orc Enquirer".

Details and FAQ page:
Editorial Policy:

If you want, feel free to also post your submitted material ("good" or "bad") here on this thread.

Now get cracking!!!
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