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Cecilia Åhlén

Illustrating poetry

As a senior project I have chosen to do a poetry collection. The poems are almost done, there are 25 of them. Here’s what I need help with; my sister was going to illustrate the poems for me, but she will not have the time, so now I am looking for a new talented artist. The collection will to 99% certainty be published, so this is your chance to see your work in print.

Since my sister bailed out on me rather late, we do not have very much time. In 3 months the latest will it need to be finished. If you think you can do it and is interested in working with me, please send me an email telling me about yourself and also enclose a work sample or a link to some of your work on the internet. I am looking for someone to catch the spirit and the feeling of the poems, and produce a picture to that, rather than a picture portraying what exactly happens in the poem, word by word.

Just to give you an idea of what the poems are like, here follows the opening poem of my collection “A lonely heart “


Welcome to my world!
Yes, I’m talking to you.
All of you
This world of darkness and despair
Welcomes you.
This is my secret hideaway.

Do you want to leave?
Why is that?
Surely this world can’t be that bad?
You created it for me.
By silence, words and taunting,
By mean looks, spite and sniggering.
You can’t leave yet, can you?
Don’t you want to see your creation?

I am sorry, but it’s too late.
The drawbridge has been pulled up
You are trapped in a fortress.
A fortress made by thoughts.
The walls are thick,
You can not break out,
Believe me, I have tried.
You could try to scream for help,
But it would be no good,
Believe me, I have tried.

How to get out?
You have to follow the path,
My path.
It is long, hard and lonely,
But it’s for your own good.
Because you have to understand,
So that you won’t hurt anyone else
Like you hurt me.

So welcome to my world,
I pray that you will understand
And not make the same mistake again.

My email address is c_e_ahlen@hotmail.com . We haven’t got that much time so please email me ASAP entitling the email “poetry collection”.
Thanks in advance.
C.E. Åhlén
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