clocheilde (clocheilde) wrote in thedarkcorner,

Request for monocle drawing

Would anyone be willing to do a drawing of me in my monocle?

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Sure I'll give it a shot, it may be a little while tho
Hi there,
Try using tracing paper over your favorite photo, draw over it and save yourself the trouble of waiting for some "artist" to respond!
The woman in your icon, is this you as well? I must say, you have a wonderful sense of fashion and beauty.



May 16 2006, 19:08:26 UTC 11 years ago

i will if ur still fresh on it send an email to and tell me where to submit it or how to give it to you :D


January 12 2007, 23:56:05 UTC 11 years ago

i will do it and i am good if you still want it done let me know at but if i do it i ask that u put it up on here and put my name with it
Fascinating image. Two questions:
  1. Did you have anything in particular in mind as to style?
  2. Do you have any larger versions of the reference image?


May 15 2008, 22:58:12 UTC 9 years ago

Anyone still there? How about this one?:
awesome! :D
I really like the green and purplish background, the mood, the way the hair is done...thanks!!



January 28 2009, 19:19:04 UTC 9 years ago

I would do this if you still need it done. I'm an illustrator in NYC....



December 17 2008, 22:12:32 UTC 9 years ago

omg. that freaking fricken terrible.


May 16 2009, 16:38:53 UTC 8 years ago

wow, horrendous attempt, unless it was done by a 10 yr. old. Based on the website, though, I think you reached your potential.