ragesteel (ragesteel) wrote in thedarkcorner,

Talented Artist needed for a new Game related website

Hello eager artists...

I am in the process of creating a very large game based web site. The site will cater to anyone who plays any type of games (rpgs, vid games,) artists, poets, etc...the site is not yet live but will be within a month.

I am looking for the best to apply so please only apply if you think you have what it takes.

What I need
an image (image is defined by a quality piece of art of any medium) of a female, slender rouge. Her back is turned and she is looking back with her right or left hand over her mouth basically "shushing". She needs to have long black hair..be in "rougish" get up and have a sexy yet sinister look to her. As for her other hand that is not "shushing" i am open to ideas- her outfit must be in some dark color "dark blue, black, gret" etc- this must be done IN COLOR. I would like to see multiple versions of this (i.e. a head shot, torso up, full length, etc)
I will eventually want 1-5 versions of this rouge in different posteurs etc..to be sprinkled throughout the site - i must be given full ownership of these images.

What you get:
a premier placement on the site for life and the alt tag of the image will feature the artists name. your name and website will also be listed in the about page. I believe the artist should have full recognition for his/her efforts.
there is no financial compensation at this time nor is it implied by this adverstisement.

So artists -- send me an email at ragesteel@hotmail.com if you are interested - i look forward to working with some very talented people


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