ishmayl (ishmayl) wrote in thedarkcorner,

In search of Artist

Hiya folks,
I'm looking for an artist to help with a project I'm working on at my site, the Campaign Builders' Guild. The project is simple:

We're hosting a contest where each contestant would describe in detail what his ideal campaign setting book cover would look like. A panel will choose the best description, and we would like to provide the "winner" with a drawing of his book cover, as per his description. The problem is, none of us are really very good artists ;) So, I would like to "hire" an artist who would be willing to do this project in the neighborhood of once a month (or possibly, once every other month). I put hire in quotes, because we can't pay yet, but you would receive full credit, as well as a link to your site, and your art would be featured in our monthly publication, the Campaign Builders' Guide. If you're interested at all, (and if you have any other requirements that don't involved monetary contributions ;)) please PM me, or send an email to:

fallen_ishmayl {at} yahoo {dot} com

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